Is Funeral Insurance For You?

Funeral insurance is a way for your family to be prepared for an untimely event and to reduce your worries about unexpected fees and expenses.

How do you pre-plan a funeral?

Planning for a funeral is a difficult process for those are mourning the loss of a loved one. Pre-planning can help to make the process a little easier.
The first step to pre-planning for a funeral is to seek out expert support and guidance. Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning Program™ ensures that all your family needs will be met and organized prior to the funeral. Take advantage of a free consultation to review the service options that will make your family comfortable.

How much does it cost?

Funeral expense costs are based on the services your family desires. Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning Program™ premiums begin as low as $5.00 per month depending on your family’s priorities and wishes.

Our free consultation helps to ease the process for you and your family.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How much does funeral insurance cost?

Funeral expense costs are based on the services your family desires. Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning Program™ premiums begin as low as $5.00 per month depending on your family’s priorities and wishes.

Burial Insurance and Final Expense Insurance. What is the difference?

Nothing at all. Burial insurance and Final Expense Insurance are the same thing. Final expense insurance and burial insurance exist to ensure your family is financially equipped for the loss of a loved one. The best way to prepare for an untimely situation is to get access to insurance coverage that covers all your family’s needs. Final Needs Planning ProgramTM by Elephas Group allows your family to have insurance coverage that will pay out within 7 hours of making a claim. We understand that finances should not consume your time when losing a loved one. We sympathize with your needs.

How to find the best funeral insurance?

The best way to find the right service for your family’s needs is by beginning the conversation. Talking to your family and friends, consulting with a respected service provider allows you to explore different financial options based on your family’s priorities. Final Needs Planning Program™ by Elephas Group offers a free consultation to provide guidance to families that need assistance. Our trained specialists offer support catered to your family’s financial needs.

What is the difference between a final needs plan and a funeral trust?

What is a funeral trust?

A funeral trust is a contract you sign with a funeral or burial services provider to assist with finances when a loved one passes. Depending on the service offered by your funeral home or burial service provider, a funeral trust can be either revocable or irrevocable. A revocable funeral trust presents the option of revoking or changing the fund at any given time. An irrevocable funeral trust does not give you access to the money unless it is for the funeral or burial costs.

What is a final needs plan?

Final needs planning is the process in which a family or individual consults with a provider of a Final Needs Planning Program™. Elephas Group’s Final Needs Planning Program™ ensures that the families are financially prepared for the loss of a loved one.

What is the difference?

While these two concepts can sometimes be confused, there is a significant difference between the two. A funeral trust is an agreement between an individual and the funeral or burial service provider. A final needs plan is provided by an organization such as Elephas Group and their Final Needs Planning Program™ which offers expert advice and customized packages based on your needs.

What are the costs that funeral insurance covers?

Funeral insurance will cover burial, documentation, transportation and monument costs, depending on your family’s needs and priorities. Final Needs Planning Program™ by Elephas Group covers all of the above categories and offers consultation to help create an affordable solution. Our team of experts are here to support your family financially.

What is pre-funded funeral insurance?

Pre-funded insurance is an insurance policy which covers the cost of the predetermined expenses of a funeral.This insurance policy allows you to pick which services are needed at the time of loss, and begin planning for them. The Final Needs Planning Program™ by Elephas Group provides families with in-depth funeral insurance plans that are customized to meet their needs. This allows your family to focus on being financially prepared during a time of loss.

What is a burial policy?

Burial policy is the payout your family receives from life insurance to assist in covering costs when someone passes away. A burial policy payout may not necessarily cover all related expenses. Deciding on which services you need last minute can cost your family a large sum of money. Pre-planning for a funeral is an essential to ensure that your needs are accounted for. Pre-planning a burial establishes a budget that will cover the services your family desires.

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